Mission Statement: Providing our clients the competitive business advantage of attracting the most qualified candidates possible relative to the hiring mandate.

Rx ProSearch Inc. is Canada's most respected healthcare recruitment firm specializing in the Research and Development sector.

Our core recruitment specialty lies within the areas of Clinical Research/Medical Affairs as well as Regulatory Affairs. We partner with Canada’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device firms in addition to selected CRO’s. Further, we have developed extensive networks and a successful track record within the areas of Quality Assurance and Control, Market Access, and all areas of Clinical Data Management.

We have been defining recruitment excellence for over 15 years, and conduct ourselves to the highest standards of our profession. We are innovative and customer driven, with core values of integrity and honesty. Our approach requires mutual agreement before engaging in a search, on objectives and scope of the approach, and time and costs involved.

We are a boutique recruitment firm, and against industry norms we occasionally decline search assignments. This reflects our level of commitment to our established clients by restricting the number of searches we conduct at any given time.

At Rx ProSearch Inc., the one guiding principle that allows us to achieve our Mission Statement by operating in accordance with our Credo:"It takes 20 years to earn a stellar reputation, and five minutes to ruin it."

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